Anxiety Symptoms in Children

Identify The Symptoms – Restore Your Child’s Natural State of Well Being..

The Importance of Identifying Anxiety Symptoms During The Formative Years It’s not all that unusual for a youngster to experience some form of anxiety (separation, fear of the dark, first days of school, etc) during the early stages of development. Most youngsters learn to cope with these fears and insecurities and work through them - but then, there are some children who have trouble coping. That's why, to help you child overcome their battle with anxiety and panic attacks, to help them shed … [Read More...]

Anxiety in Children

Testimonials from Three Mothers..

Rich Presta’s Anxiety Free Program for Children: Mothers Are Amazed at The Changes in Their Youngster's Behavior After Only A Few Weeks..   “My seven year old daughter Hannah had to be taken out school because she was so anxious. She wouldn’t eat, was acting aggressively, and wouldn’t … [Read More...]

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Myths Endangering Young Lives

Myths Surrounding Anxiety in Children When a youngster's behavioural and psychological behaviour is wrongly diagnosed, often the child's parents are influenced into believing many of the myths and distorted half-truths surrounding anxiety. And the most dangerous myth of all is: 'children … [Read More...]

Anxiety in Children

When Your Daughter Enters Puberty

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Teenage Boys & Puberty

Anxiety in Teenagers: When Boys Reach Puberty Are you the parent of an … [Read More...]

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Stop The Bully Cycle

Bullying - One of The Prime Causes of Severe Depression and Anxiety in … [Read More...]

Anxiety in Children

Internet Addiction in Kids Today

Unmonitored Internet Use: A Contributing Factor to Anxiety in … [Read More...]

Anxiety in Teenagers

Anxiety Symptoms in Children

The Growing Pressure of Academic Achievement

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Young Teens – Puberty Blues..

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Alcohol & Anxiety in Teenagers

Alcohol & Drugs – A Lethal Mix

Teen Anxiety & The Pubescent Years It's now accepted as fact among all … [Read More...]

Anxiety in Children

Before-During-&-After Divorce

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